The ZIGZAG outdoor oven is a highly innovative design which represents a totally fresh design approach for this type of product. It really breaks the design mould of traditional run of the mill brick chamber style of oven. The main point of difference is an innovative floating baking stone which allows the flames to heat it from beneath as well as over the top. This is a real game changer for this type of product and technically sets the ZIGZAG apart from the ‘me-too’ design approach of the competition. This floating baking stone means that it gets up to cooking temperature much quicker and provides a more even temperature balance between the baking stone and the air temperature in the cooking chamber above.

The charcoal and wood powered ZIGZAG is ideal for cooking sea bass, casseroles and easily gets hot enough to cook a stone baked pizza in 90 seconds.


Our experience with designing the Cooltouch has taught us not to take the perception of existing products as a given and to always start with a clean sheet of paper. So, we have started with the heat source and let the form of the product be dicated by the heat flow. The futuristic design really sets this apart and is a real conversation starter. The willfully sharp design breaks the mould of the traditional look of an old fashioned pizza oven taking styling cues from automotive and aeronautical design with a heavy dose of SCI FI. In the flesh, the ZIGZAG really makes people stop and take note of the intriguing design.


The Cooltouch was originally designed a safety-first barbecue. The idea developed after noticing how hot and dangerous most single skin kettles actually get. It took two years to develop the design to the point where it actually worked having tested and studied the heat conduction paths and radiated heat challenges. The passive airflow between the skins actually cool the exterior skin leaving it ambient to the touch. No other barbecue has this feature. The Cooltouch is capable of retaing 350ºc heat on th einside and ambient temperature skin on the outside, all within its 30mm skin arrangement. The barbecue also has four legs on a very wide base making it incredibly stable.

The ZIGZAG Range

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