HALO Saturn

The Halo SATURN BBQ has been introduced as a lightweight, single skin version of the HALO Cooltouch. The success of the Cooltouch lies partly in it’s beautiful aesthetics and highlu engineered performance, so we have introduced the SATURN BBQ as a more accessible mid range product which still carries the same seductive aesthetic of it’s big brother, but trades the cool touch triple skin feature for lighter weight single skin. This leads to better portability and a lower price point. It is effectively a single skin version of the Halo Cooltouch.

To improve portability, the legs have been designed to detatch easily so that the bbq can be easily put into the trunk of a car or motorhome which it makes it perfect for taking on holiday. The single skin construction also makes it a lighter and easier to handle.

HALO Saturn

In terms of functionality, the SATURN BBQ features a unique utility ring which is located between the lower and upper kettle skins and allows accessories to be added, such as raised paddle grill plates. In addition, the SATURN BBQ shares the same kettle profile as the Cooltouch, but the single skin construction actually increases the volume of the cooking area in the top lid. It also features the same air – in control at the kettle base and the same cleverly designed handle with integrated air-out mechanism. The removeable floating firebowl as featured in the Cooltouch contains the coals and radiates the heat to the grill surface evenly, so creating a nice calm, panic-free cooking experience., more sizzle and less flame. 


The SATURN is constructed from thicker 2.5mm spun aluminium kettle skins which is available in raw, brushed aluminium or black anodised finish with a powder coated steel legset. This makes an impressive and versatile mid range family barbecue which is great for taking on holiday.

The Saturn Range

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