The Halo Cooltouch was described as the ‘Dyson of the BBQ’ by the Telegraph.

The Cooltouch was launched in 2013 and garnered widespread international press attention. It’s innovative design mean’t that it was safer, more efficient and easier to clean than conventional barbecues. It has firmly established itself as the gold-standard for charcoal powered barbecues and has become the ‘must have’ designer BBQ

The nature of the predictable long, flat heat curve has also makes it the barbecue of choice for competition chefs. It’s extreme fuel efficiency and it’s ability to hold in the heat has made it a brilliant slow cooker. It’s beautiful aesthetics are a favourite for customers and magazine editors with it’s elegant futuristic lines, and due to it’s cool touch exterior skin, we are able to use a wide range of paint finishes not available to single skin barbecues which means that we can offer bespoke custom colours.


We have recently upgraded the design and launched it as the new Cooltouch 2, which has a new air control system which features lower vent-in control and the exhaust vents are cleverly integrated within the cooltouch handle. The handle is made from Richlite™, which is a virtually indestructable composite made from high pressure laminated paper and resin. It is a 100% natural and recyclable product. The Premium model features a new utility ring from which you can hang utensils. It still features the original four legged wide base making it very stable.

All of our products including the Cooltouch are fully designed and made in the UK and is 100% plastics-free and is fully recyclable


The Cooltouch was originally designed a safety-first barbecue. The idea developed after noticing how hot and dangerous most single skin kettles actually get. It took two years to develop the design to the point where it actually worked having tested and studied the heat conduction paths and radiated heat challenges. The passive airflow between the skins actually cool the exterior skin leaving it ambient to the touch. No other barbecue has this feature. The Cooltouch is capable of retaing 350ºc heat on th einside and ambient temperature skin on the outside, all within its 30mm skin arrangement. The barbecue also has four legs on a very wide base making it incredibly stable.

The Cooltouch 2 Range

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